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Hoke Digital is a full service digital signage company. That means no matter what you envision for your business or organization, we can work with you to develop the right system for your needs. We strive to exceed your expectations.

This part of the process should be first on the list and most vendors will save it for last. We believe that great creative content should have the system built around it. Orientation of the displays calls for specific designs. Video walls can be true multimedia masterpieces and if designed well up front can be effective and stunning leaving a lasting memory in viewers minds. Interactive kiosk programs can have beautiful and clever immersion but designing the enclosure to enhance what is on the screen makes it experiential. We have decades of experience in creating dynamic content for marketing, education, museums and more.

After a content strategy has been initiated, designing the right display and playback system to deliver that content begins. Our partnership with NEC provides cost savings that translate to your budget. Video walls, large format displays, digital menus or interactive kiosks are no problem. Powerful, integrated PC's act as the heart of the system and communicate wirelessly with the cloud to update media or text. Built in security and three year commercial warranties are standard on our systems. Custom or prefabricated enclosures can be employed to enhance security and looks further.

Cloud-based software subscriptions are another part of the digital signage revolution. This technology enables marketers and business owners to populate, update or correct digital signs from any browser running on any device. Change the prices of a menu board with your phone. Update the RSS feeds on a zone of displays by logging on to the enterprise server from your home on a weekend. Flexibility is power and being able to maintain a network of dynamic displays in an active, mobile way can transform the way you communicate with your target. At Hoke Digital, we find the best software for your needs. We can manage the larger aspects of your sign network letting you focus on your business.

Selecting the correct components from each of these categories is the challenge and if done right can bring your business ROI for years to come. Building up an experience that viewers of the displays take with them as they pass by or stop and interact with will foster repeat customers and drive customer loyalty.

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